IMAGEine Premium 3.8.0 Apk for Android

IMAGEine Premium Cover
Overview Information
NameIMAGEine Premium
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Use one of the 200+ included images or add 600+ of your own images/photos.

Main features:
* Nine relaxing puzzle games in one that can be played at your own pace
* 42 optional challenges - each with special rules - for those who seek some thrill

Includes these classic games:
* Jigsaw puzzle - fit puzzle pieces together to assemble the image
* Memory - find matching pairs - possibility to enable traps
* Fifteen/Eight puzzle - move pieces around until the image is assembled

Includes these original games:
* "Circles" - place colored puzzle pieces on black and white image
* "Swap" - swap position of two puzzle pieces at a time
* "Slider" - slide rows and columns while part of the puzzle is locked
* "Discs" - rotate discs until the puzzle is solved
* "Blocks" - place one block piece at a time until the image is solved - similar to Jigsaw
* "Segtor" - a 3D puzzle where puzzle pieces can show both back (dashed) and front side - divided in several rings and sectors - rotate and flip pieces until the puzzle is solved

- Each game has multiple difficulty settings suitable for small children to players who like solving very challenging puzzles.
- Each game can be played with any of the included or custom pictures.
- A typical game on the easiest difficulty will take less than a minute to complete while you will need a lot more time for some of the hardest puzzles.
- Expansion packs expand the number of free playable images to 390+.

IMAGEine - If you can imagine it - you can play it!

* IMAGEine Premium has been awarded the "App of The Day" by MyAppFree.

What's news

* Fixed Android 10 add custom image crash
* Added possibility to save and share solved Block puzzle image

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