Countdowns+ (PRO) 0.12.35 Apk for Android

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RequiresAndroid 5.0+

Is your life a succession of repetitive tasks that run one after another and you fear forgetting one?

Do you have to make a cooking recipe and you're sick of having to generate a countdown in your clock app every time you start one of the subtasks?

I make my own bread at home and the first kneading is a task that lasts about 80 minutes: "knead for 5 minutes, wait 20 minutes for the time to act and the dough to take consistency and repeat up to 4 times"...

It is a very repetitive task and many times it has happened to me that I forgot to program the next timer.

With Countdown+ you can create all the countdowns you want and assign each of them an begin text, a done text, a runtime and an order of execution, so that they all run in sequence ...

In addition, from the task bar you can pause a countdown, assign more time and much more!

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